About us...


The G.D.C. was founded in 2010 by Silvano Borrelli and Antonella Marra by a simple idea: to spread the legendary "Made in Italy" creativity through development and support activities for italian and international companies in the fashion industry.

Together in life and in the profession for over thirty years, the two are already owner and founder of SETPOINT, a business enterprise of buying offices and agencies, which since 1991 is present in the textile and clothing sector.

It is the work done in collaboration with well-known fashion designers and young graphics professionists that brought "project" Goccedicielo to life: a brand of our own to promote the Italian high fashion with works made by italian artists that are original and exclusive but accessible to all.

Our works are essentially aimed at a young and dynamic public but everyone, thanks to our Fashion Builder, can play with our products matching patterns, colors and different graphics.

Once you have found the right combination you can buy and download your favorite works for print in total freedom, and finally get absolutely exclusive and custom clothing